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Lizzy Loot Coin


Unleash the power of Lizzy Coins and witness a crypto adventure like no other.

zkNFT Slot Machine?

zkNFT Slot Machine

zkfarmer.io game rewards go beyond just the excitement of playing. As you win and progress through the games, you will be ejected ZKB tokens, the native cryptocurrency of zkFarmers. These ZKB tokens hold inherent value and can be utilized within the zkFarmers ecosystem for various purposes, including further engagement with the game, unlocking exclusive content, or participating in token staking and yield farming.

Join the new game,
Capitalist Society

Join the new game, Capitalist Society

Enter the thrilling world of Cap-Soc, the online multiverse of zkFarmers! Your NFT is your ticket to an immersive P2E social gaming experience. Compete with factions, rise to the top 1%, and cultivate your character. Timed events shape the game, controlling production, sales, income, and more. With round-based gameplay, new players have a chance to compete on equal ground. Join the adventure, build your character, and collaborate with your Faction mates for ultimate success!